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Kevin Battle

Head Coach - Director

Coach Kevin Battle has 21 years of experience coaching college, professional, and international athletes. He has taught youth summer camps and clinics throughout Santa Barbara County and around the country. As the former Director of the United Way's Fun in the Sun program, Coach Kevin has a deep understanding of community needs and resources for youth education and development. His passions include rugby, fishing and gardening.  Coach Kevin resides in Goleta with his wife Sarah and their four children


Colette Nottage Crafton

Colette studied as an educator in England and taught Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Education in high school both in London and in Santa Barbara. Staying in the health and fitness field she now has yoga and pilates qualifications and uses her business skills to manage and develop fitness studios.  Loving to work with children she has taught at her son and daughter's school and led programs for youth soccer, tennis and yoga. She has played tennis for over 20 years and enjoys yoga to support every day health and all body fitness. 


Will Kirschke has raced mountain bikes on a national level for the past 5 years scoring top 10 results at the US Open of Mountain Biking and the Big Mountain Enduro national series. Having always been connected with the outdoors, he combined his passion for bike riding and discovered mountain biking when he was 12 years old. Since then, he has been addicted to mountain bike riding and wants to share his passion for the sport with his community. Will has years of experience coaching BMX camps in Santa Barbara, now moving on to a mountain bike-specific program that better suits his interests and skills. He’s excited to grow the sport and show how mountain biking can be not only a fun activity but beneficial physically and mentally.


Coach Isaiah Merrick

Surfing, Photography & Video Specialist

Isaiah comes from a family of avid surfers, so the salt water runs in his veins. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Isaiah's immersion into the surf culture began in the womb and he has been surfing around the world for the last 15 years. He's worked at a large surf camps teaching young surfers for close to four years, as well as private coaching for beginner to intermediate level surfers.  Always working with kids and growing up with two sisters,  Isaiah's just happy to share his passion for the ocean with younger shredders.

Jeremy Alvarez

Coach - Biking Specialist, Health and Fitness

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Yehuda Rice

Coach - Hiking and OutdoorsMan


Yehudah Rice (nick named "Slug") is an avid backpacker whose adventures have led him across the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail and up to Thorong La Pass at 17,500 ft. in the Himalayas. Yehudah has been working in outdoor education for the past 5 years, bringing excitement and creativity to every group he works with. 

By providing supported environments for the youth to explore and experience nature first hand he encourages stewardship and helps develop other important life skills like leadership, independence, enthusiasm, and much more.

His motto is, "life is better lived outside"

Nate Archer

Coach - Parkour Specialist

Nate is an avid mover, athlete, and meditator. Years of soccer, martial arts, parkour, dance, rock climbing have crafted his multidisciplinary approach to fitness and sport. He loves exploring the abilities of the human minds and bodies, and he loves creating fun, growth-oriented environments for youth to go beyond their perceived limitations. 


He’s partnered with Camps with Coaches in Santa Barbara since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic to provide after school arenas for movement and play to locked down kids. Whether running weekly ninja (parkour) camps at Kids World, or leading the charge in a laser tag birthday party, Nate brings positive energy, supportive and insightful coaching, and a great appreciation for the students and parents that keep showing up for camp!


Katelyn Carano

Coach - Circus Aerial Specialist

Eric Boesser

Coach - Circus Aerial Specialist

Katelyn Carano is an aerialist, dancer, and circus artist. Katelyn's performance credits include aerial, dance, fire dancing, and character work locally and internationally. Her resume ranges from Coachella Music & Arts Festival to the Ghetty Museum, to performing for Google Receptions and Lionsgate Films. But Katelyn loves sharing the circus arts in her community! Katelyn teaches aerial dance, hula hooping, and circus arts for beginners through advanced students at Seventh Dimension Dance and Elevated Dreams in downtown Santa Barbara. She is a director for the aerial program at UCSB's Adventure Programs and even started a hoop dance program for GauchoRec in 2013 which still fills every quarter! Katelyn has taught and performed for elementary schools as part of their PE program, helped coach award winning teen aerialists at the Ventura Aerial Studio and was an guest instructor at the Reno Aerial Arts Festival in 2017. In addition to her performance career and love for teaching, Katelyn is also the head of Santa Barbara's local burning man fire performance troupe, Pyrokitten, which organizes a group of 50 fire performers each year. 

Coach Eric was born and raised in Santa Cruz California where he enjoyed spending his time running, biking, among various physical activities. Moving to Santa Barbara for school at UCSB, he sought out other active pastimes and ultimately found his first aerial silks class through Adventure Programs. It was there that he began his aerial journey, and has been continuing his pursuit of the aerial arts for 7 years and counting. Over those years he has performed in shows, festivals, and private events, all while teaching people of all ages to find the joy in aerial that he found when he first started. Eric has experience in aerial silks, hammock, aerial hoop, straps, and even flying trapeze!"

Lauren Donohue

Coach - Outdoor Specialist


Stefani Henderson

Coach - Circus Arts

'Kittyhawk' is a performing movement artist based in Santa Barbara. She's usually out facilitating edgy wilderness adventures for kids and teens around town when she's not training at the aerial rig or lighting up fire hoops, poi, rope dart, and dragonstaff. Her movement art embodies her passion for the wilderness and all the magic that thrives there.

In her classes, she will show you how to make beautiful shapes up in the air, and give you a taste of what it feels like to fly in the sky.

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Juliette Carman

Coach - Aerial Specialist

We called ourselves the little rascals and there was no nook or cranny of the forest where a fort could not be found. Some were built under fallen pine trees, others – dug-outs in the dirt, yet all were shelter from pirates, dinosaurs and “grown-ups”. Ding dang ding! Just as the sun set, a bell rang in the distance and seven of us in matching mud-stained clothes, pockets full of acorns and sling shots, and good ‘ol Massachusetts ticks clinging to our cuffs bolted home for a proper dousing and nourishment. As we grew, so did our appetites for adventure and years later I found myself at the helm of a 71 ft Swan sailboat. As we dropped anchor in the lucid waters of the Fijian archipelago, local children with their brimming smiles dotted the shores. It was almost time for Sevu Sevu ceremony and they were gathering sea cucumbers and clams to feed a village. A life of interdependence with the land and ocean meant survival by way of nature, by way of communion and practice. Their laughter and way invoked my inner child and guides my path today; facilitating youngsters in the pursuit of shreddable waves, wild harvested foods, Red Tailed Hawk sightings, hand-stitched pouches, animal tracks and adventure!

 First Aid & CPR certified, Commercial Drivers License, Ocean Safety, Wilderness Youth Project Instructor

Coach Juliette Carman is originally from the French Alps and grew up adventuring through majestic snowy mountain tops and luscious green forests. Her passion for nature is one she feels inspired to share with her students. For the past decade she has worked with children through tutoring, preschool teaching and summer camps. She has always felt a strong connection to movement and is thrilled to bring it forward at Coach Camp. From a young age, she danced ballet and contemporary, as well as practiced circus and gymnastics.
Over the years, her connection to movement as both a performing art and as a healing practice has grown stronger and she continuously explores new ways of connecting with herself, others and our natural world.
She is excited to bring forward fun and creative activities, through movement, play and human connection!"


Crystal Ho

Coach - Mountain Bike

Coach Crystal is an avid rugby player, mountain biker, trail runner, and surfer. She delights in empowering others to fall in love with themselves whilst outdoors-all in a respectful and sustainable symbiotic relationship with our planet. She is honored to help others gain the tools and knowledge necessary to do these activities as autonomously as possible! Endeavoring always to create a safe, fair, positive, inclusive space for all, so everyone feels worthy and welcomed! Please join Coach Crystal in some beginner mountain biking fun!

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Jeremy Alvarez

Coach - Movement Specialist -Fisherman

Coach Jeremy Alvarez is a Cetified Athletic Trainer who is currently working on his PhD at UCSB. Jeremy specialzes in implementing Functional Movement Systems (FMS) concepts into curriculum and provides courses and certification for the students enrolled in Dr. Mark Baldis Biomechanics class. His interests include sports, fishing, and running.